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04 July 2009 @ 12:02 am
my move to florida and why it make me want to drive my car off a bridge..  
 Everything isn't so great, moving to florida was a huge mistake. My now ex-best friend and i had these plans to move in together for years, prolly since we were 14, so since i was finishing school I decided to move down here where she currently lived. We started actually planning it like a year ago.

I did everything to move down here, made all the preparations with the u-haul and everything but since she lived in the apartment complex we were getting a place in already she was supposed to get us a apartment. She never did, she had over a year to get her shit together and about a week before the actual move she is like oh damn there isn't any apartments available. Like she thought she could just go and say hey i wanna move and the complex would be like sure ok. So we were both gonna stay in her room dorm style until one was available, which would be at least a month, I said thats fine whatever because i was just excited to move.

So she flies up to Michigan and we drive the u-haul down to florida, on the way down things were tense just because of how long it took and how tired we were. We get here and walk into her current apartment and the apartment smells so bad and it looks like it had never been mopped or vacuumed EVER.. she has a dog and a cat, the stench of urine is so bad my eyes literally start to water. Instead of taking the dog outside to go to the bathroom she just lets it out on the balcony, which is now covered in prolly a couple weeks worth of poop and since she actually only lets it out on the porch like 2 times a day it pees inside all the time. Supposedly she cant afford cat litter so it is full and smells horrible. I told her i cant live like this and she gets upset because she thinks i'm trying to hurt her feelings, where in reality i am trying to explain how normal people dont live like this. I told her she needs to get rid of the dog since its 1 years old and not house trained and she threw a fit, saying she cant get rid of it cause it might be able to be house trained, i tired to explain that it took alot of time to house train an animal and obviously based on the porch situation she wasn't that involved with the pets in the first place. I also told her she was gonna have to pay so much in damages to the apartment complex, she thought she would just lose her deposit but the dog had tore up the linoleum in the bathroom and all the carpet was going to need to be replaced and she would be lucky if the pet urine didn't sink into the floor boards and she wouldn't need to pay for those too, she is looking at thousands in damages and she acted like it wasn't a problem when at the current time she cant even afford her bills without her parents help. On top of the animals everything is just dirty, dirty clothes everywhere, her bathroom looked like the shower and counter had never been cleaned, i mean this is so gross but on her bathroom counter there was a pair or bloody underwear... its was disgusting. I talked to her about it because obviously something needed to change if i was to live there, So she said she would clean on monday which is her only day off and not to worry about it, instead she sat around on her computer all day and went to her boyfriends house that night. The whole time I was there her dog was in its cage 99% of the time, it was seriously animal cruelty, I am all for loving pets but if you dont have the time or money for them, then they would be better off somewhere else. So since she wasn't making any effort at all I decided I couldn't stay there. 

My Aunt shelly offered to let me live with her for a month so i could get out of there and figure out what to do. So i told her that it would just end badly if we lived together, we would end up fighting all the time and we have to different versions of how we want to live, i didn't want to have to be her mother yelling at her to clean up all the time. She freaked out and deleted me from facebook and myspace and doesn't want anything to do with me anymore. I was trying to do the best thing for me, and try to salvage what was left of our friendship and she wont speak to me at all. She told her current roommate that I was upset cause she stayed at her boyfriends house, which had nothing to do with why i was mad, and she thinks that I shouldn't have based my decision off of the 2 days i was there and i should have given her more time to clean it up. But you can't tell me all that mess occurred in the 2 days i was there, it took a long time for it to get like that and obviously she was fine with it, proved by the fact that she made no effort in cleaning on that monday. If that was me I would have been embarrassed to let anyone in the apartment in the current situation and especially if they told me that they couldn't live that way i would have started cleaning immediately.

So yeah, moving down here hasn't turned out well, because now I have no place to live and no best friend, i have a month to find a apartment and I still need a full time job because my part time one isn't enough to live off of.. so i am really stressed and this blows...
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Chidesiempre_ame on July 4th, 2009 04:06 pm (UTC)
Ouch... I'm sorry but that really sucks. I hope it all goes well for you, you'll get through this bad patch =)