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8 September 1986

About the girl...
I am a college graduate who in the wonderful economy we are currently in realized "damn i studied the wrong shit". My friends are the best in the entire world. They give me strength to do the things I can't do on my own. I love to have fun, go out and enjoy life! I love music, football(soccer), and spending time with friends. I spent almost a year at Disney World in Orlando doing an internship and seasonal work, I look back and miss every second of it. The best time in my life hands down was the year abroad i spent in Ormskirk, England! I love adventure and to travel!

animal kingdom, bubblegum, chap stick, cheese, concerts, cristiano ronaldo, dancing, detroit, disney, disney world, edward cullen, england, fernando torres, florida, football, friends, grape juice, harry potter, hawaii, HGTV, holmes on homes, jane austen, kelly clarkson, leprechauns, manchester united, michigan, monkeys, movies, music, new found glory, orlando, penguins, portugal, pride and prejudice, reading, real madrid, school, sergio ramos, smiling, soccer, spain, summer, sunshine, t.v, the beach, thunderstorms, twilight, uncoordination, watching soccer, yellowcard...

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